Vendor Application & Expectations 

YogaLoka Fest 2020

Craft/Retail Vendor Fee: $50; Food Vendor Fee: $150, includes electricity


  • Each space is 10x10 for vendors operating under a tent. Food trucks are required to submit the measurements of their space requirements.

  • This event is smoke and alcohol free and neither are to be permitted on site before, during or after the event.


  • Electricity

    • Generators are NOT PERMITTED

    • Vendors will be able to plug into 120 V, 15 A outlet, if needed

  • Vendors must provide:

    • Proof of liability insurance with a visible expiration date

    • Food vendor license

    • Photo of the setup (truck/trailer/cart and menu)

  • Vendors cannot tear down or leave the event prior to the close of the event without permission from YogaLoka management. 

  • All trash generated must be put in the dumpster provided, not in the trash receptacles

  • Vendors are responsible for providing their own supplies, including but not limited to fire extinguishers, a trash can, trash bags, extension cords, power strips, plug adapter, etc. At a minimum, a 40 BC fire extinguisher, extension cords, hoses and means to wash utensils and hands.

  • There is no dumping of grease or oil on event site.

  • Vendors are responsible for maintaining their space and its surrounding areas.

  • The vendor listed on this application must be present for the entire event.

  • There are no refunds on vendor fees unless the event is cancelled by YogaLoka.

  • Failure to follow the rules will result in exclusion from future YogaLoka events.

  • YogaLoka reserves the right to reject any inappropriate work or display and to have vendor leave who fails to meet the overall standards of the event.

  • Cooking (grill, grease, open flame, etc.) under tents is NOT permitted.

  • YogaLoka is not liable to vendor for any damage to or for the loss or destruction of any merchandise, food, lost profits, or injury to any person including employees of vendors or otherwise, all claims for any such loss or damage being expressly waived by vendor, who agrees to indemnify and hold the County of Alachua and City of Gainesville harmless from all such claims as allowed by law.

  • Vendor accepts full and complete liability and responsibility for any damage to County of Alachua and City of Gainesville property or injury to its agents, volunteers or employees arising out of or in the course of conducting the business contemplated by this application/agreement.

  • Vendors retain all proceeds from sales; however, vendors are responsible for collecting and paying Florida State sales tax.


FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL REGULATION INSPECTION: All food vendors must follow the rules set forth in the Guidelines for Temporary Events produced by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations, Division of Hotels and Restaurants. Food vendors that do not have an annual license must be prepared to apply for and purchase a license on-site in the event of inspection. The fee is $91.00 and it must be paid in cash. Food vendors who hold an annual license must bring it as proof for the inspector. Information may be found at:

***Please provide a list of the items you plan to sell, and a photo of your menu and truck/booth***



Please return application and payment to: YogaLoka

Vendor Application
Do you have a license to sell food in Florida AND proof of insurance with the expiration date visible?

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