Corporate Connections

A Community Wellness Service

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What's Included?

Wellness Assessment

A simple survey that you can share with whomever you think is appropriate to learn more about the kind of offerings in which your team would be interested.

A selection of recordings from various types of yoga classes that we've offered at previous virtual events; they'll be accessible at all times to everyone who has access to your password-protected webpage

Class Library

These could be offered live on Zoom and recorded or simply pre-recorded. They will all be stored on a password-protected webpage.

Yoga Classes

From our network of 50+ teachers, we will hand select a specific yoga/mindfulness teacher for you. They will be in charge of creating and curating your classes and offerings.

Teacher Liaison

Once we get to know your team a bit better, your teacher liaison will be able to share additional resources on your web page. This can include journaling prompts, articles, meditations, and more.

Additional Mindfulness Resources

Classes will be tailored specifically for your team! Based on the answers to your wellness assessment, we will curate your unique wellness plan, including Yoga classes that fit your desired length, style, and level of intensity. Classes can be offered live via Zoom (Zoom classes will be recorded and added to your password protected webpage), or they can simply be prerecorded and uploaded to the page view at any time!

Yoga Classes & Pricing

Package options include one weekly class, a biweekly (every other week) class, or a monthly class. Each package will include a wellness assessment, preloaded class library, password protected team webpage, a teacher liaison, and additional mindfulness resources.

Inquire for pricing. Pricing may vary based on length of classes.