YogaLoka ChangeMakers

A Community Sponsorship Program

Sponsorship Levels


Become a SUPPORTER by committing to a monthly gift of under 10 dollars. This recurring donation will allow us to create online marketing materials including Facebook event boosts, which will allow us to reach a wider audience with our programs and services.

Become a PARTNER by making a recurring donation of 10-24 dollars. This monthly gift will help us to provide our program sites with a range of Yoga props. Chairs, yoga blocks, straps, and knee cushions are among some props that ensure that our classes can be accessible for students with a range of physical needs.


Become a COLLABORATOR with your monthly gift of 25-49 dollars. This recurring donation will allow us to provide financial support for program site teachers. Once placed at a program site, our dedicated teachers do most of their own coordination with on-site contacts. Your sponsorship would help us supply these hardworking teachers with a stipend to support them in this valuable work. With the ability to offer stipends and/or payments we will be able to select the most well-fitting teacher for each population.


Become an INNOVATOR by committing to a recurring donation of 50 dollars or more. One of our longtime goals as an organization is to fund Yoga teacher training scholarships for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) as well as other untapped groups. Our vision is to amplify voices from communities we serve, eventually having a volunteer base that directly reflects those communities. Your monthly gift of 50 dollars will bolster us in the creation of our scholarship fund.


To contribute with cash, check or credit card info by mail, click here!


Recurring contributions can be cancelled at any time. Email us at for assistance.