# YogaLokaProject

YogaLoka offers yoga, meditation, and related holistic health services to traditionally marginalized populations to alleviate symptoms associated with emotional and psychological stress and mental health diagnoses.


Our Mission

Here are YogaLoka we believe in spreading love and creating access to self-love. The stress of life can blind us to the power that we each hold in our hearts. Come unleash your inner beauty with us through our yoga and mindfulness classes. As we grow, we promise to offer as many services as we can so each of our members can be happier and healthier.  

Meet The Founder

Cristiane is the founder of YogaLoka and the YogaLoka Project. She wants to use yoga to spread the love she has to those who need it in our community. In particular, she wishes to help our local brothers and sisters who have mental illnesses, are homeless, or in desperate need of a solution to life's stress.


Free Events

YogaLoka offers many free events and we are expanding to help those who need it! Please come out to one of our events to share love, acceptance, and your commitment to building a better society with those in your community. All you need to bring is a positive attitude and we will help with the rest!